9 Best Pressure Cookers in Malaysia to Transcend Cooking Boundaries

by Effa

Are you ready to revolutionise your culinary endeavours? Look no further than Malaysia’s finest selection of pressure cookers that are set to transform the way you cook. Imagine yourself effortlessly creating delectable stews, succulent roasts, and mouthwatering desserts in a fraction of the time compared to traditional cooking methods. These pressure cookers have been carefully curated based on their superior features, durability, and rave reviews from culinary enthusiasts across the nation.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, join us on this exciting journey as we explore the 9 best pressure cookers available in Malaysia. Get ready to unlock a world of culinary possibilities and unleash your inner chef!

Features of a Good Pressure Cooker

A good pressure cooker should have the following features:

  • Safety Mechanisms: A reliable pressure cooker should have essential safety features such as a pressure release valve, locking lid, and built-in pressure indicators. These mechanisms ensure safe operation and prevent accidents by releasing excess pressure and maintaining a secure seal.
  • Multiple Pressure Settings: The ability to adjust pressure levels is a valuable feature, allowing you to customize cooking times for different ingredients. Whether you’re preparing delicate seafood or hearty grains, having multiple pressure settings ensures optimal results and versatility in your culinary creations.
  • Durability and Construction: Look for a pressure cooker made with high-quality materials like stainless steel or aluminium, ensuring durability and even heat distribution. A sturdy construction not only enhances the cooker’s lifespan but also ensures consistent and efficient cooking performance.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: A good pressure cooker should have intuitive controls that are user-friendly, making it simple to set cooking time, pressure level, and other functions. Clear and easy-to-read displays, along with straightforward buttons or knobs, enhance the overall cooking experience.
  • Versatility and Additional Functions: Some pressure cookers offer additional features like sautéing, steaming, slow cooking, or even yoghurt making. These versatile functions expand the cooker’s usefulness beyond pressure cooking, providing convenience and efficiency in one appliance.

Our Selection of 9 Best Pressure Cookers in Malaysia

Let’s unveil the top 9 pressure cookers that will take your gastronomic adventures to new heights:

1. PHILIPS Electric Pressure Cooker HD2139/60 (6L)

Thanks to its “More taste less time” feature, you can savour flavourful meals prepared quickly, while the tenderising function effortlessly softens foods within minutes. The user-friendly “Press Touch” controls make operation a breeze, and the adjustable period of up to 59 minutes allows you to customise the pressure to perfection. The durable and non-stick inner pot, made of aluminium alloy with a Whitford golden coating, ensures effective heat conduction, easy cleaning, and scratch resistance. The nutritional keep warm function maintains the freshness of rice and other dishes for up to 12 hours.

With a convenient 24-hour preset timer and an easy-to-read large-screen digital display, meal planning becomes effortless. The stainless steel outer shell adds an elegant touch and simplifies cleaning. Safety is a top priority, as the auto pressure release and sensible valve ensure secure operation under high pressure. Included accessories such as a measuring cup, spatula, and scoop enhance your cooking experience.

Here are the highlights of the PHILIPS Electric Pressure Cooker HD2139/60 (6L)’s amazing features:

  • More taste, less time feature
  • Press the Touch controls
  • 6L capacity
  • Adjustable pressure period
  • Durable non-stick inner pot
  • Nutritional keep warm
  • 24-hour preset-timer
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel shell
  • Auto pressure release
  • Large screen digital display
  • Sensible valve lock
  • Included accessories: Measuring cup, spatula, scoop

2. Russell Taylors Pressure Cooker PC-60 (6L)

With its user-friendly timer and sensitive sensor touch operational panel, you can embrace modern cooking techniques without sacrificing the traditional flavours your family loves. The PC-60 boasts an innovative dual handle design, ensuring easy handling, while the detachable inner lid design simplifies the cleaning process. Accompanying the cooker are essential kitchen tools, including a measuring cup, spatula, and scoop, providing extra convenience and precision. With the child lock option, safety during operation is enhanced.

With a 6L capacity, the PC-60 can cook 4-6 cups of rice, catering to your family’s needs. The preset and delay cooking time of up to 24 hours allows for flexible meal planning, while the keep warm function maintains food temperature for extended periods. The package includes the pressure cooker, a stainless steel inner pot, a cable, a measuring cup, a rice spoon, and a user manual.

Here are the highlights of the Russell Taylors Pressure Cooker PC-60 (6L)’s amazing features:

  • Easy-to-program timer
  • Sensitive sensor touch panel
  • Innovative dual-handle design
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Measuring cup, spatula, and scoop included
  • Child lock option
  • 6L capacity
  • Up to 24-hour preset/delayed cooking time
  • Up to 24-hour keep warm function
  • 3 Pin Plug
  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • User-friendly packaging

3. Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker CY638D (5L)

This multicooker combines Opti-Taste technology, induction heating, and a spherical pot to ensure exquisite flavours in every dish. Experience the convenience of fast cooking with up to 80% faster cooking times, saving you valuable time in the kitchen. With its wide variety of programs, including 19 pre-set programs and 3 special functions, this versatile multicooker allows you to explore a range of culinary creations. Enjoy the ease of use with 19 pre-set programs at the push of a button, and utilise the special recipe functions for Sous-Vide, Abalone, and Quick Rice. Additionally, the special functions such as Add Ingredients, Sauce Thickening, and My Recipes enable quick and easy cooking with your favourite recipes.

Safety is paramount with 18 safety features ensuring maximum security during use. The large 5L capacity is perfect for the whole family, while the automatic keep-warm function and pre-set timer, both up to 24 hours, provide added convenience. Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe removable parts. The multicooker comes with essential accessories including a measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon, and a steam basket. The package includes two cooking pots, one stainless steel for various recipes and one aluminium pot with a non-stick coating for cooking rice and other sticky foods.

Here are the highlights of the Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker CY638D (5L)’s amazing features:

  • Opti-Taste technology
  • Induction heating
  • Spherical pot design
  • Fast cooking
  • Versatile programs
  • Special recipes functions
  • 18 safety features
  • Large 5L capacity
  • Convenient keep-warm function
  • Pre-set timer up to 24 hours
  • 2 cooking pots (stainless steel and non-stick coated aluminium)

4. Cornell Coating Pot Pressure Cooker CPC-E60C (6L)

With its 6L capacity, this pressure cooker allows you to prepare meals for the entire family effortlessly. The cooker features a user-friendly interface with a 4 digital LED display and 9 buttons equipped with indicators for easy operation. The 24-hour preset time and 99 minutes cooking time setting offer flexibility and convenience in meal planning. The non-stick ceramic coating pot, with a thickness of 2.2mm, ensures efficient heat distribution and easy cleaning. Choose from a wide range of cooking options with 14 preset programs including Pasteurisation, Rice, Congee, Soup, Cake, Stir Fry, Yogurt, Whole Chicken, Meat, Ribs, Fish, Tendon/Beans, Slow Cook, Steam, and Reheat.

Enjoy the benefits of pressurising time and auto keep warm function, ensuring optimal cooking results and maintaining food temperature after cooking. Safety is a priority, as the cooker incorporates 9 safety measures to provide peace of mind during operation. The package includes essential accessories such as a measuring cup, scoop, and stainless steel steam rack, further enhancing your cooking versatility.

Here are the highlights of the Cornell Coating Pot Pressure Cooker CPC-E60C (6L)’s amazing features:

  • 6L capacity
  • 4 digital LED display
  • 24-hour preset time
  • 99 minutes cooking time setting
  • 9 buttons with an indicator
  • 2.2mm non-stick ceramic coating pot
  • 14 preset cooking programs
  • Pressurizing time feature
  • Auto keep warm function
  • 9 safety measures
  • Accessories included: Measuring cup, scoop, stainless steel steam rack

5. PHILIPS All-In-One Cooker HD2151/62 (5L)

Experience the convenience of cooking a variety of flavourful dishes in just 30 minutes, unlocking speedy home cooking with the innovative Taste Control system. The HD2151/62 cooker features Rapid Pressure Release Technology, delivering automatic pressure release in just 7 minutes – 50% faster than traditional stovetop cooking. Its sleek design has earned it the prestigious iF Design Award, combining style with functionality. With over 35 pre-set cooking programs, from pressure cooking to slow cooking, sautéing to steaming, you can enjoy a wide variety of menu options at the touch of a button. Enhance your cooking results with the Taste Control system, which offers precise pressure and temperature control, resulting in increased meat tenderness by 22% and juiciness by 42%.

The NutriU app provides meal prep inspiration, while the 18 protection systems ensure worry-free cooking. Additional features include a child lock for safety, the ability to add ingredients during cooking, sauce thickening for enhanced texture and flavour, and the option to store up to 3 customised cooking programs with the My Favourite feature. Enjoy the convenience of adjustable cooking lengths, pressure levels, and the Preset Timer & Keep Warm function, ensuring your meals are optimally heated and ready to eat when you are.

Here are the highlights of the PHILIPS All-In-One Cooker HD2151/62 (5L)’s amazing features:

  • 30-minute cooking
  • Taste Control system
  • Rapid Pressure Release Technology
  • iF Design Award Winner
  • Over 35 pre-set cooking programs
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • NutriU app support
  • 18 protection systems
  • Child lock
  • Add ingredients during cooking
  • Sauce thickening function
  • My Favourite customised programs
  • Auto Pressure Release
  • Adjustable cooking lengths and pressure levels
  • Preset Timer & Keep Warm function

6. Russell Taylors Dual Pot Pressure Cooker PC-80 (8L)

With its spacious 8L capacity, this pressure cooker allows you to prepare meals for larger gatherings or families with ease. The PC-80 comes with two inner pots for added convenience, including a stainless steel pot and a non-stick pot, offering flexibility in your cooking options. The diameter of the steam rack is 22cm, providing ample space for steaming ingredients to perfection. Enjoy the flexibility of the preset time and delay cooking time functions, allowing you to plan your meals up to 24 hours in advance.

The keep-warm function maintains the temperature of your cooked food for up to 24 hours, ensuring it remains ready to serve whenever you desire. With the ability to cook 5-8 cups of rice, this pressure cooker caters to your rice cooking needs effortlessly. The package includes essential accessories such as a steam rack, measurement cup, rice spoon, and a user manual, providing everything you need to get started.

Here are the highlights of the Russell Taylors Dual Pot Pressure Cooker PC-80 (8L)’s amazing features:

  • 8L capacity
  • Dual pot design (stainless steel and non-stick)
  • Diameter of steam rack: 22cm
  • Preset time and delay cooking time up to 24 hours
  • Keep warm function for up to 24 hours
  • Can cook 5-8 cups of rice
  • 3-pin plug
  • Accessories included: Steam rack, measurement cup, rice spoon

7. Khind Pressure Cooker PC6100 (6L)

Khind Pressure Cooker PC6100 (6L) is the perfect solution for easy, fast, and delicious cooking. With a generous 6L capacity, this pressure cooker allows you to prepare meals for the whole family effortlessly. The PC6100 features an inner pot with a Teflon-coated aluminium pot and a stainless steel pot, providing durability and versatility for different cooking needs. Whether you’re baking a cake, cooking beef or mutton, making soup, preparing delicate rice or porridge, or tenderising tendon, this pressure cooker offers a wide range of cooking options.

Safety is a top priority with the Khind PC6100, featuring eight multiple safety protections. These include a pressure floater, lid lock detection, thermal fuse, steam valve, pressure switch device, anti-block cover, control panel current fuse protection, and silicone sealing pressure protection. You can have peace of mind while cooking, knowing that safety is ensured.

Here are the highlights of the Khind Pressure Cooker PC6100 (6L)’s amazing features:

  • 6L capacity
  • Teflon-coated aluminium pot
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Eight multiple safety protections
  • Wide range of dishes
  • Durable construction
  • User-friendly design

8. ELBA Intelligent Mini Pressure Cooker EPC-K2567(GD) (2.5L)

ELBA Intelligent Mini Pressure Cooker EPC-K2567(GD) (2.5L) is a compact yet powerful kitchen appliance that offers convenience and versatility. With its 2.5L capacity, this mini pressure cooker is perfect for small households or individuals. The body of the cooker is made of durable PP material, ensuring longevity and safety. The LED display provides clear visibility and easy operation. Choose from a variety of cooking options with the various cooking menu, including Rice, Cereals, Baby Congee, Yogurt, Steam, Porridge/Soup, Cake, and Bean/Tendon.

Safety is prioritised with the multi-safety devices incorporated into the cooker. These include the Open and Close Lid Safety Device, Pressure Control Device, Pressure Limit Valve, Anti-block Cover, Pressure Relief Devices, Thermostat, and Thermal Safety Fuse. You can cook with confidence, knowing that these safety measures are in place. The non-stick Teflon-coated inner pot makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. The removable inner pot adds to the convenience, allowing for easy cleaning after each use.

Here are the highlights of the ELBA Intelligent Mini Pressure Cooker EPC-K2567(GD) (2.5L)’s amazing features:

  • 2.5L capacity
  • Durable PP body material
  • LED display
  • Various cooking menu options
  • Multi safety devices
  • Non-stick Teflon-coated inner pot
  • Removable inner pot
  • Compact and space-saving design

9. Midea Pressure Cooker With Dual Pot MY-D6007SS2 (5.7L)

With its multi-functional 15 pre-programmed menus, this pressure cooker offers incredible versatility to prepare a wide range of delicious dishes. The dual pot feature allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. The 5.7L capacity provides ample space for preparing meals for the whole family. Experience the convenience of the 24-hour preset timer, which allows you to plan your meals in advance. The stainless steel housing ensures durability and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Safety is a top priority with the Midea MY-D6007SS2, as it incorporates 9 safety guards to provide worry-free use. The control box features a large 4-Digit LED display, making it easy to navigate and monitor the cooking process. The pressure cooker comes with dual pots, including a durable 1.5mm aluminium pot and a stainless steel pot, providing versatility in cooking different recipes. The stainless steel exterior enhances the cooker’s durability and adds a sleek look to your countertop.

Here are the highlights of the Midea Pressure Cooker With Dual Pot MY-D6007SS2 (5.7L)’s amazing features:

  • 5.7L capacity
  • 15 pre-programmed menus
  • Dual pot feature
  • Stainless steel housing
  • 24-hour preset timer
  • 9 safety guards
  • Large 4-Digit LED display
  • Durable aluminium + stainless steel inner pots
  • Sleek stainless steel exterior


The pressure cookers highlighted in this article showcase the best culinary innovation in Malaysia. These versatile kitchen appliances not only save time and energy but also deliver exceptional results in the form of delicious and perfectly cooked meals.

From the multi-functional features to the safety mechanisms, each pressure cooker offers unique advantages for various cooking needs. Whether you’re a busy professional looking for quick meal solutions or an aspiring chef wanting to explore new recipes, there is a pressure cooker on this list that will meet your requirements.

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